Account Services

Silverado Credit Union offers our membership a wide variety of financial services for your convenience.

These services save you time and are easy to set up.

Payroll Deduction

What is your time worth? Take the hassle out of making deposits or loan payments, when you sign-up for payroll deduction with the Credit Union.

Your money will go directly to your account on payday. Save time and stop waiting in line to make a payment or to add to your savings account by using payroll deduction.

With one deposit made through payroll deduction or direct deposit you can have your funds disbursed to whatever account you designate.

Silverado CU Routing & Transit Number is: 321172125.


Wire Transfers

Need to move funds across town or across the globe? A bank wire transfer is the way to go. We offer wire services within the United States and Internationally.

Routing & Transit Number (ABA) : 321172125

Instructions for Wiring Funds to Silverado Credit Union:

Silverado Credit Union
PO Box 330
Angwin, CA 94508

ABA/Routing & Transit #: 321172125

Members Name: First and Last Name plus Middle Initial if available

Account Number: Full Member Account Number



Automated Clearing House is the future of business!

You probably know it as “Direct Deposit” or “Electronic Transfers”. ACH permits your employer to directly deposit your employee payroll check into the account(s) of your choice at Silverado CU.

Our Routing & Transit or ABA # is: 321172125


Direct Deposit

Silverado Credit Union can help you save time and money when you sign up for Direct Deposit.

Don’t wait in teller lines to deposit your payroll, retirement or social security check. Have your check deposited automatically into either your credit union savings account or checking account. Your check will be deposited the same day as it is issued.

Direct deposit is available for many regular recurring payments you may receive. Government agencies have a special form to initiate direct deposit. For most other direct deposits, you must contact the company or agency that issues your check. They will assist you in the simple sign-up process.

If your employer provides a Direct Deposit form, simply fill in the routing number and submit it to your Human Resources Department. The routing number for Silverado Credit Union is: 321172125.

You can even designate a portion of your check into a savings account, and before you know it, you’ve started saving.

If you have questions about Direct Deposit call us and we’ll see how we can help.

Key information you need for a Direct Deposit is:

  • Silverado CU Routing & Transit #321172125
  • Your Silverado Credit Union Account Number
  • The account type: Savings or Checking

Call us for complete instructions if you have any questions!


Automatic Transfers

You choose how much of your payroll deduction or direct deposit is deposited to your savings, checking and/or loan payment. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to do a thing each payday.

So go ahead and actually eat your lunch, avoid the traffic and get home in time to enjoy the rest of your day. We’ll miss you but we understand!