Signature Loans and Lines of Credit

Dog carrying umbrella in its mouth

If inclement weather and your wallet are putting a damper on your day, remember a Rainy Day loan can help you weather the storm and get on with life!
We All know that there are a million and one emergencies that come up in life.
We offer our members personal loans for any good purpose!

This is an unsecured line of credit that can be used at any time. Access to your money is easy. Just take a cash advance with our 24-hour Touch Tone Telephone service. You pay interest only on the amount you have borrowed. If you want instant overdraft protection, just attach your Line of Credit to your checking account.

A line of credit may be the convenient answer to all your future shopping needs. In addition, the available credit limit on your Line of Credit loan may be used for overdraft protection. Your signature has value. Call us today at: 707-965-2483 for details.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Credit Lines up to $10,000.00*
  • Flexible terms on loans
  • Use of funds for most any purpose
  • Cash advances available from line of credit and overdraft protection loans around the clock through our 24-hour Telephone Teller.

* Subject to Silverado CU Underwriting Guidelines

Share and Certificate Secured Loans

No Maximum Loan Limit – 100% of Pledged Amount

Visa Credit Cards

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Credit Lines up to $10,000.00
  • Accepted at ATM’s Worldwide